I Have to Take a What?!

Part of moving to a new state is getting new everything.

Car insurance

Health insurance

Food market membership thingies that go on your keychain

Go-to take away places

(For those times you don’t want to cook)

License plate


Driver’s License

None of that is really a big deal.

Until you go to the NC DMV website.

And find out that all new residents of NC have to take the NC written drivers test.

That test I took at 16 to get my permit in NJ had to be taken at 28 to get my license in NC.

I wasn’t going to study because, I mean, I’ve been driving for 12 years.

Longer if you want to count the times I drove illegally between 12 and 16 years old.

But then I decided to study for it. I didn’t want to fail it.

And, my gosh, the test is ridiculous.

Some examples of wrong answers:

1) When passing farm equipment, you must “honk the entire time you are passing them.”

Evidently, in NC, you are supposed to “be patient and wait for the farm equipment to pull over.”

Yeah, what? I’m from Jersey.

We wait for no tractor.

2) During the traffic signs identification portion of the test, the following are not legitimate answers:

a) “Yellow kind of house-shaped thing”

b) “Yellow triangle pointing right”

They did, however, accept, “Yellow circle…err…uh railroad?”

Anyways, I passed the vision portion of the test (which includes the traffic sign stuff).

Once I figured out how to make the picture show up in the viewfinder thing.

And I passed the written test.

With 2 wrong answers to spare.

Then I got my picture taken.

He made me smile.

Which is annoying.

I don’t like smiley driver’s license photos.

He didn’t let me see the picture, but I’m pretty sure I’m snarling.

In most states, you get your license immediately.

NC is a little behind the times though so I have to wait about 2 weeks before my license comes in the mail.

So, I won’t know just how awful/hilarious my picture is for a couple weeks.



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Another New State

Oh hey!

It’s been awhile.

Because I couldn’t get into my admin for this site.

So I couldn’t update.

I finally got in.


About a month ago, I packed up and took myself to a new state.

One I’ve never lived in before.

That list is getting smaller…

Hi, North Carolina!

It’s a lovely state.

Southern, yet still with a little northern influence.

A happy mix for me.

I found a NY bagel shop.

And a NY pizza joint.

And a great chinese takeaway place.

Three of the most important types of food places to find.

Not that I can eat any of that because carbs hate me.

I’ve also found a church and I’m slowly getting to know new people.

I have a job.

It’s part-time and meant to be temporary.

But it may end up being not temporary.

I happen to like the job.

And the clothing discount it comes with.

So when I get a full-time job, I may have to keep the part time one for awhile too.

It’s all been pretty positive so far.

Except that I was welcomed to NC with a dropped transmission.

An old friend from high school actually lives in the same town as me.

So the first thing he heard from me was pretty much, “Hey! I got to NC. And my transmission is shot. Where’s a good mechanic?”

Because he was one of the car guys in my high school class.

So he would know where to go and who to trust.

He hated my bug. I’m pretty sure he held my choice in car against me for awhile.

Until I sold it.

Anyway, he gave me a name. And they were wonderful.

Wonderful, amazing, perfect mechanics.

See, the Ford dealer told me I should just junk my car and buy a new one because it wasn’t worth the cost of fixing.

I cried, and freaked out. And then called my friend’s mechanic.

They told me Ford was crazy, and they would help me.

It still cost quite the pretty penny, but my car is practically as good as new.

Moral of the story: Never take your car to the dealer. Never.

One of the things I like most about NC are the trails.

There’s this huge trail system throughout my area that is beautiful.

So I can run on even pavement and have lovely scenery.

And not get honked at by rude people.

I’ve also found out that part of the trail is connected to one that goes from the Smoky Mountains all the way across the state to the Outer Banks.

So that’s a quick update on my life now.

I’m going to try to update more.

At the very least, weekly updates.

I mean it this time.



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